Desktop Injection Molding Machine

mini injection molding machine

The basic step of the desktop injection molding machine: (1) injection molding machine mold process Injection molding machine clamping cylinder pressure oil pushing clamping mechanism is operated to move the movable platen mold is closed. […]

Homemade diy injection molding machine

Most plastic injection molding machine work at factory. If you want to do some testing at home or school,you can think about buy one diy desktop injection molding machine.small plastic injection molding machine price is […]

Disposable syringe making machine

Medical Syringe

Making disposable syringe need several kinds of machine.They are below: 1.Plastic injection molding machine for barrel and push bar,cap.2.Needle making machine,steel tube making machine,needling cutting machine.3.Medical syringe barrel printing machine.Print 1ml,2 ml,3ml,4ml etc on the […]