Plastic bucket making machine

18L/20L/5 gallon plastic paint bucket making injection machine.high speed with short cycle time, one hour make 140-150pcs bucket. The specifications are as follows: – Imported advanced computer systems, Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic interface.  – Can save 100 sets of mould parameters. – Advanced clamping structure and injection parts, precision hydraulic system and circuit design. – Suitable for producing different types of precision small parts. – A variety of text can be switched.– Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic mode.– Automatic movement monitoring with alarm and fault diagnosis.– Function of slope setting can set the start and stop of movements, so as ensure the smooth movement. […]

Desktop Injection Molding Machine

mini injection molding machine

The basic step of the desktop injection molding machine: (1) injection molding machine mold process Injection molding machine clamping cylinder pressure oil pushing clamping mechanism is operated to move the movable platen mold is closed. […]