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Ningbo Haijiang Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
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Address : Tongyi Industrial Zone Dongwu Town Yinzhou District Ningbo City(Near BaoZhan Highway)

China injection molding machine manufacturer

Notices:Once you booked plastic injection molding machine from us.

Recommended hydraulic oil and lube as below:

The following hydraulic oil and lube are recommended to use for our plastic injection molding machine:

  • Hydraulic oil: Mobil DET26

Shell Tellus Oil 68

HaiBrand, Oil 68

  • Lube: No.32-68 lube
  • Grease: No.3 general Lithium based grease
  • Supramoly: No.00 supramoly lithium based grease
  • Cooling water flow: 1/2 oil pump flow with nominal water pressure being no more than 0.5Mpa;
  • Oil tank volume: refer to technical specifications