Disposable syringe making machine

Medical Syringe

Making disposable syringe need several kinds of machine.They are below:

1.Plastic injection molding machine for barrel and push bar,cap.
2.Needle making machine,steel tube making machine,needling cutting machine.
3.Medical syringe barrel printing machine.Print 1ml,2 ml,3ml,4ml etc on the body.
4.Assembling machine:fix the bar into the barrel .
5.Packing machine: put the syringe into the plastic bag;

Start this project always cost too much money. but we can buy metal needles ,not buy machine making it.cut down the machine cost.

We also can offer plastic raw material, making cleaning room and send engineer to your factory and commission the machine for you.

welcome you inquiry.

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  1. Engineer / Walid
    Onex Corporation
    Medical syringe production line project
    Telephone number / Wattsp / 00201012966912
    Automatic production line is required for manufacturing syringes
    Technical specifications of machines
    Crocker drawing of a line
    Pictures of the machines
    Catalog Catalog

    [٣:٣٦ ص، ٢٠١٩/٨/٢] ‪‎‪+86 138 6480 3285‬‬: And how much land do you have?
    [٣:٣٦ ص، ٢٠١٩/٨/٢] مهندس/وليد امبابي: Working Day / Month 24 days / month
    Number of Months per Year 12 months / year
    Working Day / Year 288 days / year
    Working Hour / Day 22 hours / day
    Output 2 ml syringe 9,470 pcs / hour
    Output 5 ml syringe 18.939 pcs / hour
    Output 10 ml syringe 4,735 pcs / hour
    Production 2 ml syringe 60 million units / year
    Production 5 ml syringe 120 million units / year
    Production 10 ml syringe 30 million units / year
    Total Annual Production Amount 210.000.000 pieces / y

  2. Hello dear
    I’m Mohammed Omran from Iraq
    I would like to establish a factory for syringe production in Iraq in form of turnkey project
    Your advice and help us to establish our best project

    1. Dear Bipul Borthakur,

      Thanks for your inquiry sryinge production line. Alina will contact with you and give you solutions soon.
      by the way,do you have whatsapp number?

      looking forward to your prompt reply


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