Injection Molding Machine manufacturer From China

Haijiang Injection Molding machine manufacturer
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China Haijiang is one of professional manuacturer for plastic injection molding machine.From 1992,More than 30 sales agent In the world. With CE and ISO9001 certificate.Factory size more than 12,000 Square meter.

Machine series:

1.Standard /Servo System Injection molding machine

Shot weight:from 20 grams to 40000 grams,Clamping force from 80KN to 30000KN.

2.Desktop Injection Molding Machine

Shot weight: 20grams,Clamping Force:80KN

3.Bakelite/BMC Injection Molding machine

Horizontal Type,Machine sold to Volksgen China,Gree and Media

4.Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Standard vertical machine,Single slid board,Dual Slid board,Disk table top machine.

5.Injection Blow molding Machine

use for making PP,PC,Tritan,PE,PETG,HIPS,PMMA/AS,PPSU,PLA

6.Two Color Injection Molding machine

Mix double color and Clear Double Color Injection Molding machine

Haijiang Injection Molding machine factory

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