Injection molding machine operator

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There are so many plastic injection molding machine in the world.Required so many injection machine operator.

As an operator,include working to set up and operate machines that shape plastic or other materials through a process called injection molding.

usually involve working in a manufacturing setting and preparing your machine for each production run.monitor production to ensure quality during the process,clean the perform maintenance on injection molding equipment.

Key point in selecting injection-molding machine

Clamping Force.
Space between Tie Bar.
Shot weight.
Type of resin.
Type of product.
Type of injection mold.
Cycle time requirement.

Calculation of the common figures.

Clamping force=Projected Area√óResin figures.
Mold size=Product length+Runner+Margin of mold base.
Shot weight=Total weight of product+Runner.
Opening stoke=Length of the mold+ 2 times of the product length+Runner.
(Remarks:please be noted the opening stoke of the robotics arms if use robot.)
Cycle time=Mold close+injection time+Cooling time+Mold open+Injector out+injector in +Unscrewing time.
Cooling time:Water flow speed and the temperature of water can effect the cooling time.
(Ps. The cooling time is also concerned the design of the water channel of the mold.For example:the water channel is closeer to the core and cavity of the mold could be improved the cooling time.)

Power consumption.

Power consumption=Pump Motor(kw)+Heating Capacity(kw)+Control Capacity(About 0.5kw)

Bakelite injection molding machine is a special machine.most operator may don’t know it.It need mold temperature controller.

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