Medical goggles making machine

medical goggles making machine

Haijiang offer Medical goggles making machine,The production line included the plastic injection molding machine medical goggles mould,and auxiliary equipment.

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Adjustment Unit
Automatic Mold Height Adjustment Saves the time and cost during the mold changing.
Clamping Unit
The plates were designed using FEM software,ensuring a stable and rigid clamping system.Five point inward moving double toggle system ensures high rigidity and precision for mould clamping and also reducing stress and Strain efficts.
Hydraulic Unit
The hydraulic system using the world famous pump and control valve can control the machine running precisely,ensuring the precision,reliability and durability of whole machine.
Injection Unit
Dual-pillar supporting and dual-cylinder injection balance devices ensure the stress on screw balanced during injection.
Specific screw and barrel designs are avaiable for processing different material requirements.
Electronically Controlled Unit
1.CPU controller and display are independent and reliable.
2.A larger color LCD screen enhances clear display and supports multi-language compatibility.
3.The control system also supports remote monitor.In the event of a control problems,the machine can be connected to internet through a special interface.Inject service can realize remote faulit diagnosis and maintenance.
4.A screen saver function extends the LCD life.
5.Ultra bright LED is provided for input and output point inspection.Proving convenient indication of the machine’s operation and machine service
6.A data hardware lock is provided to prevent unauthorized people from effecting the machines performance.
7.Closed Loop PID barrel temperature control.

  • Dust and waterproof control cabinets provide a neat and tidy enclosure all electrical control components.
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Machine Component:

Controller:Porcheson/Techmation            Vane Pump:Sunny(USA)

Proportional Valve:HNC(TAIWAN)           Directional Valve:7ocean (Taiwan)

Electric Motor:Guangdong                  Contactor:Schneider
Air Breaker:LG(Korea)                     Relay:Omoron
Limit Switch:Omoron                      Lubrication Pump:Automatic                     

Motor: Intermot

Screw TypeABC
Screw DiameterMm455055
Screw L/D RationL/D2018.818.8
Shot Size(Theoretical)cm3349431522
Injection Weight(PS)g314388470
Injection Rateg/s136170185
Injection PressureMPa220180150
Screw Speedrpm0~185
Clamping ForceKN2000
Opening strokeMm450
Space Between Tie Barsmm500*470
Max.Mold Heightmm500
Min.Mold Heightmm180
Ejector Strokemm130
Ejector TonnageKN45
Max.Pump PressureMPa16
Pump Motor PowerKW18.5
Heater powerKW7.5
Machine Dimension(L*W*H)M5.3*1.4*1.9
Machine weightT5.8
Oil Tank CapacityL240

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