PET preform injection molding machine price

PET injection molding machine

We specialize in plastic industry for more than ten years. Manufacturing plastic injection molding machine, moulds and auxiliary machines. With clamping force ranges from 90 ton-3000 ton.Our machine works as high precision and rigidity.

Injection Molding Machines for PET Preform making. PET Special screw highly increases the plasticizing speed and shot weight, lowers the plasticizing temperature and AA value, also achieves better products. Pressure Synchronization System with pressure holding and charge at same time gives the productivity improvement 15%-25%. The Preform which produced by our PET Preform Injection molding machine can stand temperature over 100 degree. With high strength, good transparency and low production costs. Beside an obvious energy saving due to a lower PET melting temperature, preforms by compression require less heating in the blowing phase because the crystals of material are differently oriented.
Energy saving, environmental, low noise, quick response, high-efficiency, Shorter Cycle Time, Improve Production efficiency

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