Plastic Pallet Production Line

plastic pallet making machine
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Plastic Pallet is Light in weight,clean and decent appearance,non-toxic,iron-free,non-prickly.Easy for washing and decontamination,resistant to rot,non-flammable.

Full production line for plastic pallet need below things:

1.Big size Plastic injection molding machine

2.Injection mould for plastic pallet

3.Auxiliary Equipment:crusher,auto loader,hopper dryer,mixer,cooling tower etc.

4.Impact strength testing machine,MFR instrument,Material testing machine.

If you are going to make plastic pallet,please feel freely contact with us.We can offer full line production equipment and steel construct workshop. Total two words: Turn-key Solutions.

Advantage of the plastic pallets

1.A plastic pallet is perfect for use in food processing areas as it effectively removes the risk of contamination.

2.Not damage in transport and it is very durable;

3.Moistureproof,mouldproof,withont a thorn,easy to clean,can be recycled;

4.Due to its integrated reinforcement profiles, our pallets are strong with a high load bearing capacity;

5.Light in weight,clean and decent appearance,non-toxic,iron-free,non-prickly;

6.Easy for washing and decontamination,resistant to rot,non-flammable;


8.Plastic pallets also features an anti-slip top deck to ensure the highest load safety in transit and provide the safe stacking of empty plastic pallets.

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