Soft plastic injection molding machine

soft plastic

What is soft plastic ?

Soft plastic is Thermoplasticity, you can inject plastic products again and again. Say: this time,you make a plastic chair,plastic comb.future,this chair or comb become old, you can break the old chair,crush it by crusher. you can put back on the injection molding machine, make other plastic box, crate etc.

Another features of soft plastic, when you heat it by fire or high temperature, it will become soft , about 200 degrees, it will be melt.

simple, PP,PVC,PE,PC, PS PET ,all of them is soft plastic.

Last Feature, soft plastic not easy break .even you bend it to 90 Angle. Haijiang’s low pressure injection molding machine is for soft plastic. High speed injection molding machine for thin wall container, also is soft plastic injection machine.

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