Syringe injection molding machine

syringe injection molding machine
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High speed and energy saving syringe injection molding machine with low cost.

Disposable syringe size have 1ml,2ml,3ml,5ml,10ml,20ml,30ml,50ml and 60ml. 50ml and 50ml is very size. So if you want to buy syringe injection molding machine,we suggest our model HJF240.

Medical Syringe
Medical Syringe
Shot Weight534 grams
Space between tie bars530mm*510mm
Clamping force2400kn
disposable syringe making machine
high speed syringe making machine

Disposable syringe luer lockI with or without needle supplier should proceed with following technical requirements:
1. Syringe may not have any rough edges are not perfect, such as glitches, plastic flow or defect.
2. Syringe barrel must be transparent enough to clearly see the reference line.
3. Injector surface must be clean and free of foreign matter.
4. The oil collected inside the syringe can not see the surface (including rubber piston).
5. The number of tables and measuring digital signal line, to be complete, clear, clear and even lines.
6. Syringe barrel length with the largest length than the rated capacity of 10%.
7. With or without glue silk, cotton dust, foreign objects, rubber piston rubbing fastness.
8. Heart of the syringe, cone head from the bottom of the barrel must be located in the center of the short axis cylinder. Cone axis and the distance between the cylinder wall surface does not exceed 4.5 mm.

syringe injection molding machine
200 tons syringe injection molding machine

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