Syringe printing machine

syringe printing machine
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Interval the device is able to carry out continuous printing, chain drive, double loop wind electric heating dry; with cam splitter product transmission is smooth, precise positioning; stainless steel equipment enclosure be able to effectively reduce the contamination of the product, able to produce 1-20ml syringe, production rate of 120/min.


  • Centrifugal-advised for the hopper
  • Control system adopts computer touch screen
  • The regulator injector spray silicide
Production SPEC1ml2-10ml20ml30-50ml
Production Speed110pcs/min120pcs/min110pcs/min70-90pcs/min
Power Supply&PowerAC220v/3KWAC220v/3KWAC220v/3KWAC220v/3KW
Compressed Air Flow0.02m3/min0.02m3/min0.02m3/min0.03m3/min

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